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Snake oil, still

July 11, 2017

At first glance, there isn’t much similarity between Infowars, Alex Jones’s outlet for conspiracy theories, and Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s health and beauty enterprise. The first peddles political stories from Pizzagate to the slave children of Mars. The second sells women jade eggs to strengthen their vaginas and other health quackery. The link goes to Dr. Jen Gunter giving fair warning on that. They seem unlikely to have much audience overlap.

But if you step back and look at the marketing picture, there are some important similarities. They both attract an audience of repeat suckers. So it comes as little surprise that the same snake oil is advertized at both. Who knows? Perhaps the bozo running around the south Texas scrub in camos on guard against UN troops has a wife who carries a jade egg and applies Goop facial nightly?

The thing about faith is that there is no reasoning with it, as the moderate, convert mother of a jihadist learns too late.

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