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The aristo…, uh, patriots!

July 5, 2017

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. A troll Facebook page announces antifa protests at Gettysburg cemetery to burn American flags and desecrate Confederate graves. A right-wing you-tuber puts up a video calling his fellow “patriots” to arms! A right-wing writer tweets the news out to his followers. They plan a counter-protest. Meanwhile, the actual Central Pennsylvania Antifa website is planning a protest in Philadelphia, and repeatedly points out that the Gettysburg protest is a hoax, isn’t what they would do, and was only ever announced at a known troll page. The right-wing writer realizes the error of his ways, and starts tweeting to his followers that they are preparing a counter-protest to a hoax.

And then Breitbart picks up the story of the antifa protest at Gettysburg. “Once articles about the hoax protest and counter-protest were published by Breitbart, other far-right internet personalities, like Cassandra Fairbanks, promoted them.” So a couple of hundred Sons of Confederate Veterans, KKKers, and other “patriots” rally against a non-existent protest. Some armed. Not to make their efforts seem completely unproductive, one of them shoots himself in the leg.

Ta da.

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