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Climate politics

June 19, 2017

A few short years ago, a candidate ran for president who recognized the reality of global warming and the need to take action against it. John McCain. Taking action against global warming would hurt one group: those who want to maximize the profits of the fossil fuel industry over the next few decades. So it is hardly surprising that the Koch brothers work hard to define the right-wing stance on that, by funding “thinktanks” to generate denialist ideas, and right-wing gatherings to tell politicians what the “right” line is. But politicians are fickle beasts, and respond to voter desire. So it’s also important that the same message is conveyed through the right-wing media, as exemplified by Breitbart’s latest lie on global warming. If those two prongs work, the politicians both know what their donors want and how to vote on specific issues, and are shielded from any popular resistance. Today, the few Republicans concerned about climate change are from Florida. The Koch brothers are winning.

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