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A leader no longer

June 2, 2017

A broad range of studies show that refugees — yes, the ones who so frighten the nativists — benefit their host nations. That is not surprising. The same economic principles that explain why trade works show even more benefit to the free movement of people.

Angela Merkel is quite correct in thinking that the European democracies can no longer rely on the US. Not in defense against common enemies, not as a reliable partner in economic goals, not as a reliable supporter of democratic values, not in protection of the environment. Trump was not the beginning of that. But he is a certain sign of America’s inward turn. It is a long-term shift. One that will have wide-ranging consequences in the decades to come. Merkel, Macron, and Trudeau are the current leaders of the free world. I hope they do well.

Unsurprisingly, tourism to the US has plummeted since Il Donald came to power.

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