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Absence of credibility

April 20, 2017

The armada Trump claimed to be sending to Korea in fact was headed to the Indian Ocean. It would be wrong to say that Trump lost credibility, given his known attachment to alt-reality. I cannot think of a past commander who succeeded by this:

Those two Trumpian tactics – a callous disregard for the truth and a determination to stay mum about future military plans – can easily combine into a misunderstanding that causes a trigger-happy regime to pull it.

Many liberals today are cheering O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News. I don’t see why. He grew rich over decades peddling lies and propaganda there. Trump’s rise would not have been possible without O’Reilly and Alex Jones and others who created the alt-reality their viewers inhabit. His departure represents no change in direction by that network. It signifies no slackening in demand for that product. He leaves at the peak of his career. There is no win here.

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