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Enforcement of belief

April 17, 2017

I long have wondered how many Americans who seem faithful Christians in the pew, or even the pulpit, secretly do not believe the doctrine their church peddles? It is easy to imagine a variety of motivations for that, not the least of which is what they fear it would do to their familial relationships. That said, I’m skeptical of the recent study by University of Kentucky psychologists that puts the number as high as 20%. The survey phrasing is bad and the methodology raises my eyebrow.

A chief function of the university is to foster the kind of personal dialogue that shakes loose the intellectual cobwebs. Universities can be little more than technical schools, in a barbaric society like Pakistan, where blasphemy is outlawed and where those who openly express apostasy or criticism of Islam risk being murdered. A mob recently killed a student at Abdul Wali Khan University, because his dorm room discussion strayed from the pious.

Update: One of the students who participated in the lynching clais the university encouraged it.

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