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Pizzagate and other lies

March 29, 2017

When I was young, I quickly realized there was no point in discussing referee calls and similar issues in sports. Jeremy Young takes a closer look at blue lies. That is not the only way we learn how loyalty to some is more important than truth.

Fox News fired Napolitano only when one of his lies became too large an embarrassment, Alex Jones is apologizing for Pizzagate, when the possibility of legal liability looms. That won’t kill that conspiracy theory, and others still are making money from it.

Even with the curtain clearly pulled back, those who guzzle the conspiracy theories from Infowars and Fox News eagerly will lap at the ones yet to come. And, of course, from Trump himself. Daniel Dale looks at how Trump’s followers navigate his web of deceit.

Update: Unsurprisingly, Napolitano is back on Fox News.

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  1. Laura permalink
    March 29, 2017 9:02 am

    You have to read “Strangers in their own land”, by
    Arlie Russell Hochschild.

    I would love to hear your impressions.

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