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They have seen this before

January 25, 2017

Martina Navratilova has seen this before:

The propaganda coming out of trump, Spicer, Conway et al is textbook communist BS we got growing up. The similarity is quite chilling…

Garry Kasparov explains why an authoritarian administation does it:

Obvious lies serve a purpose for an administration. They watch who challenges them and who loyally repeats them. The people must watch, too.

Of course, Kasparov is accustomed to government that is experienced in authoritarian ways. With Trump, I suspect lying is how he has gotten through life. Of course, there is politics in business as well as in government, and Trump’s lying may have an element of establishing a loyalty filter: those who stand by it have passed a hurdle to being one of his team, and will be all the more loyal because of that. Surprisingly, such filters strengthen as well as identify loyalty. Those who pass them then have a tougher time of reaching the point where they say to themselves, “I won’t stand by this any more.”

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