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Fake news

November 17, 2016

It’s not that surprising that Macedonian teens spread fake news to Trump supporters by Facebook. They are the perfect audience for that kind of clickbait. Zuckerberg insists it didn’t matter, because “voters make decisions based on their lived experience.”

These days, Facebook is part of many voters’ lived experience. I doubt we have yet seen the bottom of the right wing’s love for fake news, from Breitbart to Macedonian clickbait purveyors. Trump built his campaign around conspiracy theories. Now, both Facebook and Google are cracking down on fake news.

Well, some fake news. The clickbait purveyors are just trying to turn a dime. Breitbart and its ilk generate fake news for propaganda purpose. That’s how Breitbart’s CEO helped Trump get elected. National Review well pegs him.

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