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I’m not with him!

October 31, 2016

Several Republicans running for Congress are so miffed that their Democratic opponents are running ads linking them with Trump that they are threatening lawsuits. And that doesn’t even count as weird this election season.

A scary election season. Leonard Pitts nails the toxic subculture that Trump now rides.

No, there is no near equivalence here. Clinton has the flaws of many politicians. But she is not promising to tear down the establishment, pretending to be the people’s savior for an allegedly broken nation, scapegoating immigrants and globalists and Muslims, promising to throw her opponents in jail when elected, giving a thumbs up to torture.

I see no end of Facebook posts listing a handful of the much-repeated factoids about Clinton, and then ending with “and Hillary lies.” As if someone who repeats factoids from Breitbart, Fox News, and Zero Hedge cannot stand having someone lie to them. Medium has a decent rundown on the email controversy.

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