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Clinton lectured Goldman Sachs on bronies

October 28, 2016

According to a bogus news site. And to Fox News, whose reporter picked up that story. Seemingly, a fellow turned his love of right-wing conspiracy theories to fame and fortune by publishing a purposely satirical news site. Which, of course, gets taken seriously:

Mike Klasfeld has known Marco Chacon for 30-plus years. They went to middle school together and never really lost touch, especially on Facebook, where they have a “couple of mutual friends who are very right-wing.”
“Every time I opened up my Facebook page there would be 20 new, complete bullshit right-wing articles,” said Klasfeld. “Either the title would be an outright lie, or the article would have nothing do with the title.”
Most of them, Klasfeld said, came from a website called TruthFeed. “Nothing in TruthFeed had any truth in it,” he said. So he thought it’d be funny if he and Chacon had a right-wing blog of their own, called “Truthinessfeed,” like the Stephen Colbert-coined term about how feelings are the new facts. Klasfeld even bought the domain name.
But by the next day, Chacon had already cooked something up. “What do you think of this?” he asked. It was a fake right-wing news article, replete with forged documents to back it up.
“I said, ‘Holy shit, this is good!’” Klasfeld said.
RealTrueNews was born. And right away, the stories were obviously too good to be true.
“I am absolutely not trying to fool people the way some of these conservative sites are. Everything on there is satirical. It’s all funny,” said Chacon. “Well, it’s supposed to be.”

Buzzfeed explains how Facebook makes this worse:

Pages like Freedom Daily play to the biases of their audiences — and to those of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm — by sharing videos, photos, and links that demonize opposing points of view.

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