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Religion and politics, a sweep

September 19, 2016

The US continues to grow less religious (Pew), and the less religious continue to vote against the GOP.

Hope is supposed to be a Christian virtue. So it is interesting that Trump’s campaign isn’t working for those who are left behind by globalization, but on those suburbians who view America as headed into the abyss. And no wonder, given the conspiracy theories that bind them together.

Strangely, Trump may have a Mormon problem, some of whom are reminded of the history of anti-Mormon reaction in his call to ban Muslim immigrants. I suspect he will carry Utah nonetheless.

Students sometimes find history boring precisely because those political battles of the past seem so irrelevant, even as to why people would get moved by them. Why would Bryan see farmers nailed to a cross by the gold standard? And who would care today? Starting with the Scopes trial, and continuing through the Moral Majority Paul Prather reminds us that the political divides of even just a few decades past are quite different, including their religious associations.

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