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Cast your eye on Comey

July 12, 2016

For a few seconds. Most pundits, from all political sides, are so wrapped around the implications for the presidential race, that few are giving any real attention to James Comey. I could be seeing wrongly, but he strikes me as someone trying hard to do an honest job and maintain the integrity of an office sometimes embroiled by the political limelight. Both now, and when he served under Bush. Jack Goldsmith, with better vantage than average, says much the same. John Ziegler also lauds Comey’s handling of the email investigation. Comey stuck to his guns when grilled by Republicans in Congress, who were desperate to suggest that an exception was made for Clinton, rather than that the FBI tried hard not to do that:

We try very hard to apply the same standard whether you are rich or poor, white or black, old or young, famous or not known at all.

Some of the issues do come down to details easily overlooked in the news shows, such as where classified markings appeared. It’s easy to miss content in an email’s body, as everyone who deals with a lot of email knows.

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