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Reality vs. Republicans

May 26, 2016

A new PPP poll (pdf) shows that Republicans believe that the stock market has fallen under Obama, while the unemployment rate has gone up. Steve Benen states the obvious:

Whether or not the unemployment rate has improved is not a matter of opinion. No matter how one sees the world, the Obama era started with 7.8% rate; it climbed to 10%, and has since fallen to 5%. .. The same PPP poll asked respondents whether the stock market has gone up or down in the Obama era. Again, Republicans said Wall Street has tanked while Democrats said it soared. But the facts are not in dispute: on the day President Obama was inaugurated, the market closed at 7,949.09. As I type, it’s about 17,660. .. [I]f GOP voters want to make the case that Obama’s policies don’t deserve credit, fine. If they want to argue that there are other, more important metrics than unemployment and the stock market, no problem. If they want to suggest things would be even better if the country had adopted a right-wing agenda, we can at least have the conversation. But the polling suggests Republicans prefer to pretend reality just isn’t true.

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