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Terrorism and perspective

March 23, 2016

I learned about the Brussels attack when an old friend, in the Brussels airport when the attacks occurred, posted about it on Facebook. I have several colleagues in Belgium, and have traveled there to work with them in recent years. So though I am in another nation, I feel much of the pain of an attack close to home.

That is the intent of terrorism. And why we in the west are more affected by the attack in Brussels than the ISIS terrorist attacks just days earlier in Ankarra and Istanbul.

Brussels is close to home.

Let’s not give the terrorists too much of what they want. ISIS is striking where it can, but still is losing home territory and revenue. Though its terrorist strikes are despicable and newsworthy, they do not pose a significant risk to the average person in a western nation. Republican presidential candidates are either just politicking or engaged in  silly over-reaction, when they call for Obama to fly back to the US after the Brussels attack. And their desire to treat Muslims generally as suspect would give ISIS exactly what they want.

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