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The real monsters

March 1, 2016

I agree whole-heartedly with Amanda Marcotte’s synopsis of the GOP primary:

Trump annoys because he’s loud and rude. Because if you actually look past the surface, even by a millimeter, to the policy level, this notion that Trump is somehow more hateful than his competitors Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio simply becomes laughable. … [I]t was a telling moment where Cruz really did try to frame it as soft-hearted and “liberal” to even consider the possibility that human life is worth more than tax cuts. But Cruz is still considered by both the Republican establishment and the mainstream media to be a more acceptable candidate than a bully like Trump. Because Trump calls people “pussy,” which is far worse than letting people die in the street.

Peter Beinart argues the opposite, that liberals should support Rubio in the GOP primary. “Once Trump is nominated, America will have crossed a line. A man who does not respect constitutional limits and who preys upon vulnerable minorities will lead one of the two major parties.”

I think Marcotte has the better of this argument. Rubio supports torture. Cruz has the separation of church and state in his sights. Both play the nativist song and want the support of Trump’s base. How, exactly, are either of them less scary than Trump?

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