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“If you want somebody waterboarded, bring your own damn bucket.”

February 24, 2016

Those are the words of former CIA director Michael Hayden, who believes the agency would resist any attempt by a future President Trump to re-instate torture. John Rizzo, an agency lawyer, corroborates that those who participated in that program feel that when:

the political winds changed, they were vilified as `torturers’ and `war criminals,’ — just for doing their thankless and dangerous jobs to keep the country safe. And now, under a Trump administration, many of these same CIA career officers would be ordered to go down — perhaps double down — on that perilous path again? Who could blame for them for refusing to expose themselves and their families to a reprise someday of the ordeal they have had to endure? I hope and trust no CIA director — or its lawyer — would countenance such an order.

Well, they are war criminals. The injustice is that the investigations only left them gun shy, rather than prosecuted. And, alas, still part of our government. If the political focus on Bush’s torture program means that those who tortured before would have more than second thoughts about following such orders in the future, it has served one good purpose.

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  1. February 24, 2016 10:19 am

    That they would not want to torture again because of the “unfair” treatment they received and how their families suffered? Really? This is like the twilight zone. They were torturers and war criminals and they should have thought of it before they engaged in torture in the first place. I guess it is pointless to expect these people to not torture because is wrong, ineffective, and illegal. They respond better to public (collective) shaming… Amazing…

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