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“Curses, foiled again!”

February 17, 2016

The magic Hawaiian mushroom whose scent was alleged to bring women to orgasm isn’t Hawaiian and doesn’t work. Though it does smell.

In South Carolina, 70% of Trump’s supporters want the Confederate battle flag over their capitol, and only 24% cheer the Union victory in the Civil War.

We don’t have those stats for the various supporters of Cliven Bundy, also defeated by a federal government far more competent than they expected:

Bundy and his supporters went up against a government that they saw as venal, incompetent and overbearing – one that had utter disregard for citizens’ safety and civil rights. But they were met by a government that had thought through all the angles, learned from its past mistakes and gave them enough rope to hang themselves. In the end, good governance didn’t just defuse the situation and bring a couple of dozen criminal reactionaries to justice. In the process, it utterly discredited their entire worldview.

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