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Socialism, globalization, populism

February 8, 2016

Quillette has two pieces quite relevant to the current political scene. First, Mark Fabian well explains the difference between socialism and the modern welfare state, something that gets confused on both the left and the right. Sometimes on purpose. A democratic socialist like Bernie Sanders mostly is pushing the latter.

Next, Corey Iacono points out how globalization has made the entire world richer. It’s important to recognize that all other policies for accelerating global development, combined, have made nary a difference. The one and only thing that has worked is trade.

Yet that globalization is a common target of the populist movements on both the left and the right. Michael Brendan Dougherty provides a sympathetic explanation of Trump’s rise and the populist challenge to the conservative establishment. A rather large point of contention between them is precisely how globalization is viewed. Trump wants to build a wall. The establishment wants immigration and trade.

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