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Thumping Trump

February 1, 2016

Rod Dreher has written not one but two interesting articles about Trump and what he means for conservatism. Regardless of how one views their political positions, National Review has largely descended into rote propaganda for its followers, while American Conservative frequently has articles interesting to those who don’t share its views.

The New Republic points out that Trump is the conservative establishment’s own creation. There is an easy argument that National Review’s attack on Trump is futile as well as absurd. Read it, but here’s the elbow in the side:

Take Glenn Beck. I really don’t know what genius at National Review thought he would be a good representative for impeaching an opportunistic huckster prone to wild populist confabulation. Sending Beck to stop Trump is like trying to get a gravy stain out of a carpet by steamrolling a prime rib into it.

Then, there is the notion that Trump is riding high because… Obama!

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