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Rubio’s 2nd amendment idolatry

December 10, 2015

President Obama proposed that those on the no-fly list also should be prevented from buying guns. Without commenting on that proposal itself, it’s interesting to examine Senator Rubio’s reason for rejecting it:

You’re talking about denying people a second amendment, a constitutional right because the federal government made a mistake and there’s no due process, there’s no due process by which you can go and get your name removed. I know, we’ve tried to help people in our office, it’s very difficult.

Here’s the thing. The right to travel also is a Constitutional right. Given the importance of air travel today to people’s careers and life choices, it arguably is more important practically than the ability to purchase guns. If the no-fly list is a bad idea because it denies people their Constitutional freedoms without recourse, why does Rubio draw the line only at its extension to gun purchases?

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