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Enjoy your turkey. And a little to drink…

November 26, 2015

The latest caution about red meat comes from a study observing that the risk of ischemic stroke rises significantly with greater consumption of red meat, but not other proteins, such as turkey. While this study (cite) included a large number of subjects over twenty years, it carries all the usual qualifications of an observational study that relies on self-reported eating habits. Interestingly, an increase in the risk of hemorrhagic stroke was seen for those eating the most eggs. Go figure.

Researchers looking at DNA methylation as a marker for aging found that it increased with smoking, but had the familiar U-shaped curve with drinking: “moderate alcohol use – about one to two drinks per day – was correlated with the healthiest aging, while very low and high consumption were linked to accelerated aging.” This research (cite) is pretty speculative, but interesting, given empirical studies on the effects of alcohol showing the same.

All sorts of proteins and alcohol are handy in Las Vegas, which has become the Thanksgiving destination for some south Asians living in south California.

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