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Politics and reality

October 30, 2015

William Saletan tells it straight: the GOP has a larger problem facing facts, than it does with any flaws in the media. Matthew Yglesias faces the facts behind GOP dominance in the states.

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  1. November 2, 2015 4:20 pm

    I agree with Yglesias. Seems that there is majority support for single payer, for reproductive rights, for gay marriage, for better education, for bringing jobs back home, for a livable wage. Lots of common ground to work from among the people of the US who want a job that can support a family and educate the children. But this democracy does not represent the interests of majorities, or of minorities, it doesn’t even represent the interests of the voters. This democracy represents the interests of the monied. That is by design. I suppose unless and until at least 90% of the citizens cast a vote, this will remain unchanged.

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