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Open carry of … dildos?

October 11, 2015


Texas A&M professors took a close look at the impact of concealed carry on crime rates, and found it made not a whit of difference. More, there is no correlation between risk of crime and people’s choice to carry. According to Prof. Charles D. Phillips:

People often think they acquire concealed carry licenses because of their likelihood of becoming a crime victim. We measured the rate of victimization at the county level, and we found no relationship between the actual crime rate and an increase in concealed carry permits.

To protest a new Texas law that allows concealed carry permit holders to enter university buildings armed, UT student Jessica Jin started a movement to openly carry dildos, with Facebook page and hashtag #cocksnotglocks.

More and more I tend to view much of this as cultural display, not unlike tattoos, hipster clothes, and motorcycle paraphernalia. But hats off to Jessica Jin for a more interesting protest than most.

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