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Millennials are discarding religious faith

May 29, 2015

Researchers from San Diego State and Case Western find that the millennials are significantly less religious than previous generations, and:

..are less likely to say that religion is important in their lives, report less approval of religious organizations, and report being less spiritual and spending less time praying or meditating.

More, this is due to cultural change, not just to their youth. Which means it will have lasting impact. (Cite.)

Britain is much further along the secular path than the US. But religion is a powerful cultural force among its immigrant Muslim population. Making it difficult for young Muslims who discard their faith.

Many religious Americans will view the Millennials’ secular turn as another sign of decline, and worry about the consequences. And will ignore that the decline in religion in the US in recent decades corresponds with declines in crime. Razib Khan takes on those who mistakenly believe moral behavior originates in religion.

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