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Education, here and abroad

November 6, 2014

Something wrong has happened in American education, as colleges are turned into origination mills for student loans, school teachers are demonized, and people put their children into charter schools fooling themselves that such schools do better, rather than just getting better students. They don’t. Nicholas Kristof bemoans the decline of schools in the US, but fails to identify the causes or fixes. Bobby Jindal is part of the problem. But only a small part.

A bright, American high school student worried about the cost of college here might study German, and German universities. Tuition and fees were eliminated there. And yes, that includes foreign students. Admission isn’t open. The most important thing for high school students still is this: if you want to go to a good university, study. Make good grades. Take as much math as you can.

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  1. November 6, 2014 9:45 am

    Thanks! Although I only had two years of German in college, I love the language. I wish I could get this idea planted into the minds of school counselors.

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