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Dispatch from the abortion wars

September 2, 2014

A district judge appointed by George W. Bush strikes down two of the more onerous provisions of Texas’s recent abortion law. Undoubtedly, it will be years before there is final judicial resolution of this.

In many nations, abortion still is illegal. Which is why Dr. Rebecca Gomperts founded Women on the Web, spearheading a movement to make it easier for women to administer medical abortions at home:

Gomperts designed her program — based on the radical idea of providing abortions without direct contact with a doctor — for women in countries where abortion clinics are nonexistent or highly restricted. But her model is invigorating abortion rights activists in the United States, where the procedure is simultaneously legal and increasingly hard to access. In their eyes, medical abortion, delivered through a known, if faraway, source, could be a transformative response: a means of access that remains open even when clinics shut.

The technology for that will only get better, cheaper, and more easily obtained. The religious right has yet to understand that they battle against the products of capitalism as much as they do the other features of modernity.

Joshua Holland reminds us that the Southern baptists weren’t always so set against abortion.

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