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August 26, 2014

A Standard and Poors analysis argues that the US wealth gap is getting so large that it risks hurting growth. I find it interesting that the AP article linked finds it necessary to add this at the end: “Harvard University economist Greg Mankiw wrote in a 2013 paper that ‘the evidence is that most of the very wealthy get that way by making substantial economic contributions, not by gaming the system.'” I wonder how many readers will recognize that both claims can hold, and that one in no way refutes the other?

Economists from MIT, Columbia, and Harvard take another look at the relationship between a nation’s transition to democracy and economic growth. While it’s pleasing that the could ferret out a positive relationship, the simple fact is that every nation has its own distinct history and circumstance.

Kriston Capps explores the vicious cycle of cities experiencing population decline, and the relationship of that to violence. 

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