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A bit of rabbit?

August 25, 2014

WabbitStewBack when Austin was weird, though that wasn’t yet recognized, there was a Safeway on East 11th that sold all the old-fashioned meats that were scarce in the more upscale groceries. Pig’s feet. Cow’s tongue. And, of course, rabbit. That store is long gone. But rabbit is making a comeback. Which I’m glad to see. It’s a tasty meat, and kinder to the environment that beef or pig.

Back then, rabbit was cheap. No one dreamt that there one day would be an upscale market like Whole Foods. Or that it would start to feature rabbit. Only to suffer protest because of that. I do have some sympathy for vegans. But I don’t understand the objection to eating rabbit vis-a-vis other livestock. Pigs are more intelligent. Cows are more social. If one is going to eat meat at all, why not rabbit?

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