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Right-wing, home grown terrorism

June 10, 2014

gadsenflagOn Saturday, a sovereign citizen tried to forcibly occupy the Forsyth County courthouse, in Cumming Georgia:

[Dennis] Marx had in his possession buckets of homemade explosives, ammunition, smoke grenades, as well as food and water – clues that “he came here with the purpose of occupying the courthouse.” Sheriff Piper added that Marx’s “intention was to get in that front door and take hostages.”

He shot one policeman in the leg, and then was killed by law enforcement before he could do further harm.

It is largely matters of chance that determine how many die in these terrorist attacks. The day after Dennis Marx tried to seize the Forsyth County courthouse, Jared and Amanda Miller killed three people in Las Vegas, two targeted just because they were police, and a third killed when he tried to intervene. They committed suicide after their shooting spree. They draped their victim’s bodies in the Gadsden flag, the chosen symbol of today’s extreme right.

The Millers had taken part in the Cliven Bundy stand-off, and like many there, thought this nation was descending into tyranny. Or at least, that is their rhetoric. The normal person would suspect or hope that most of them don’t believe such nonsense. Greg Sargent wonders whether that extreme rhetoric helps foment these terrorist acts?

Alex Jones has a different view: The Las Vegas shooting was staged by the federal government, at the direction of Obama and Harry Reid. If someone believed that were the case, what would be an appropriate response? More terrorism?

Update: Glenn Beck (video) blames Obama, for ignoring the Tea Party.

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