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Never too crazy

June 6, 2014

In the past decade, the defining characteristic of the “true” conservative, nothing at all like the traditional conservative, is that no rightward stand is ever too extreme or too crazy. Thus, Ann Coulter can prescribe the right stand on torture (for it). Dewhurst loses to Patrick, because he couldn’t put on the necessary wild-eyed fervor. And the poor fellow in the NRA who observed accurately that carrying rifles into restaurants is weird and scary finds himself rebuffed, as that organization runs to the principle of “never too crazy.” It can take some work to mold reality to a crazed view. Which is why the NRA insists that it is the mainstream media who are biased, when they label shootings “shootings.”

Obligatory disclaimer: I own guns, and approved the Heller and McDonald decisions. But it’s hard for me to imagine when I would carry a rifle into a restaurant. And I have no problem calling a shooting a shooting, a stabbing a stabbing, and the crazy crazy.

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