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The thin success of feminism

May 19, 2014

The feminist movement has brought tremendous benefit to the modern world, much more, I suspect, than young people today realize. Women know they can enter professions from medicine to politics. Equality is at least the spoken mantra of schools, corporations, and other public institutions. Relationships benefit that many of the old roles for both women and men are now but shadows rather than social mandates. A host of patriarchal laws have fallen. And the notion that women and men are moral and social equals is acknowledged. In public.

Outside of public view, things can be different. Men of good intent may not realize how different. Lynn Beisner describes the sexual abuse she suffered inside the purity movement. Women journalists, bloggers, and authors receive constant innuendo and rape threats. As do women who join social sites. Is the civilized standard of feminism but a public veneer, a veil that covers a much uglier reality inside the family, or where anonymity shields rudeness?

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