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Long time passing…

April 8, 2014

When did man start using fire? There’s evidence that Peking man was doing so three-quarters of a million years past. Long before modern man existed. Buttressing the theory that some of our own evolution was an adaptation to fire and cooking.

When did man reach the New World? Jennifer Raff debunks some of the genetic claims behind the Solutrean hypothesis. Though that leaves the allegedly pre-Clovis archaeological finds on the east coast, and perhaps South America, a bit of a mystery. The finds themselves may turn out not to be what their touted. Raff promises a future post on that. The weight of expertise seems to be on the skeptical side.

When did man make cloth? Fire leaves ash. Cloth doesn’t well survive the eons. So it’s fascinating that linen cloth has been uncovered at Çatalhöyük, from 9,000 years past.

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