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Hurrah for Michigan

March 24, 2014

ladylibertyIt would be easy to view the district court’s decision on Michigan’s ban of gay marriage as just one more, after a baker’s dozen previous like it. That would be wrong. Conservative groups had pulled out the stops, parading bad research to cast doubts on whether gay couples parent as well as their straight counterparts. University of Texas professor Mark Regnerus was called to lead the charge. Cross exam put his research to the test. The judge’s evaluation was harsh:

The Court finds Regnerus’s testimony entirely unbelievable and not worthy of serious consideration.

The sociology department at the University of Texas had taken some effort, prior to the trial, to distance itself from Regnerus.

Whichever way the courts decide these state prohibitions, social conservatives have seen that their underwritten sociology fares as well in court as does creation science. Meanwhile, researchers that bother to actually identify a number of families with gay parents and compare them to similar families with straight parents find that their children fare much the same, on a variety of measures.

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