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“Get off my lawn!”

March 18, 2014

off-my-lawnPew released another of its surveys showing the generational shift in Americans. Millenials are less religious than all generations prior, despite Pope Francis’s popularity, more liberal, and more optimistic about America’s future. A writer in Salon provides a personal view of this shift, though I think he is wrong to view Fox News as the cause. I suspect it is just an example of the market providing what his father’s cohort wants. That political slice of the population was gloomy and conspiratorial fifty years ago, when they were young. Richard Hofstadter wrote his famous article on paranoia in politics in the 1960s. Long before Fox, they supped on Phyllis Schafly and Leonard Read. Today, it is Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and crazed homophobe Bryan Fischer. From their vantage, America has been headed in the wrong direction for most of a century. No wonder the Tea Party is old and grumpy, and the millenials are optimistic!

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