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Duck penises, fat kids, and epithets

March 17, 2014

Patricia Brennan is the expert on duck penises, whose corkscrew shape and ballistic erections are a result of fascinating evolution. She has now penned a defense of scientific curiosity in rebuttal to those who wonder why we fund basic research in areas that seem to have no immediate application. (The actual article is behind a paywall.)

Razib Khan explains the bad reporting behind the recent headlines that childhood obesity has reversed.

The NFL is planning to penalize players who say “nigger.” Presumably, you could still call the guy lined up against you a fat boy with a duck penis. In one of his clumsier posts, Ta-Nehisi Coates opposes the idea. But I like this one sentence:

When people claim that the word “nigger” must necessarily mean the same thing, at all times, spoken by all people, one wonders whether they understand how the very words coming out of their mouth actually work.


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