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Fun nonsense, politics and alcohol

February 3, 2014

There is a lot of social research that makes someone scientifically minded react with a facepalm. Even when it — perhaps especially when it — reaffirms the intuitive. Consider the recent research claiming those who watch Fox News are the most ill-informed. That’s believable. Even if the methodology raises your eyebrow. And even if that claim is a bit different from this Slate article’s lede, reporting on that research. But the methodology…? Ay.

Do liberals drink more than conservatives? Of course. We now have research published in the Journal of Wine Economics that says (pdf)… well, not quite that. And even in my cups, I wouldn’t think to draw a linear regression through those scatterplots. If I read the article right, the time correlation for beer and spirits is opposite the geographic one.

I’m posting this in the morning. That keeps me from shaking my head and reaching for the wine bottle.

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