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The rule on holiday greetings

December 17, 2013


Someone didn’t get the message.

I generally wish people “Merry Christmas.” And by “Christmas,” I mean the omnibus winter solstice holiday. We like to celebrate with family gatherings and mistletoe and spiced pecans. If you like to include Jesus (Calvinist, Arian, or Catholic), hot toddies, someone dressed up as Santa Claus (of any color), menorahs, venison, corny movies, pets with reindeer antlers, or any other tradition, more cheer to you! And more cheer, if you don’t include any of those, preferring other traditions. Or your own inventions — traditions yet to be. But… if you want to argue over the “right” holiday greeting, please go sit on an ice floe with Sarah Palin and the Grinch.

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