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Research as investment

September 9, 2013

Medical and science research is starting to be hard hit by the federal sequester. The Economist reviews a book by Mariana Mazzucato on the importance of government research and support for education to technology innovation. Mazzucato has an article in Slate on the same topic. I’m not particularly thrilled with her suggestions on how to make that self-funding. And The Economist is right about the importance of entrepreneurs in turning the results of basic research into consumer goods.

The US has been funding research and exploration since the days of Lewis & Clark. And education since the Northwest Ordinance. Judy Fahys considers the causes and consequences of scientists having fled the GOP. When Congressman Michael Grimm, R-NY, bloviates that our founders “are turning over in their graves right now,” because Obama wants to put high-speed internet into classrooms, it may be example of both. He should be haunted by the shade of Thomas Jefferson.

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