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A decade or so

September 2, 2013

KodakMoving is a time to filter through the detritus stored in attics and file cabinets, tossing as much as possible. In 1998 and 1999, I was consulting for Kodak in Rochester, NY, helping them apply an OO methodology to making the embedded software in the printing systems that were then sold by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. It doesn’t seem long ago. I still work with one of my then consulting partners, though at a company five or seven since then, for both of us. Even then, it was clear Kodak was struggling with the digital revolution. If either of us had guessed how badly that would go for them, we would have put all our earnings into selling their stock short. The years we consulted were just after the peak, in the graph left. Their hapless creditors have more worries than reviewing old consulting invoices, so into the shred bag with them. I remember those engineers, Jeff, Katie, Scott, and the rest. Where are they now? The tail end of that stint was when we moved into our current abode. Fourteen years is the longest I ever have lived in one place.

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