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Strange and the sea

August 23, 2013

According to this article in The Atlantic, Filipinos who work international shipping traditionally adorn their penises with embedded bolitas.

The sea has plenty of animals that are tubular in shape. These usually are small: sea urchins and worms. Often studded with adornments. Pyrosomes, like the one shown in the photo left, can grow up to 60 feet long. And RR Helm is right: I had never heard of pyrosomes until her article.

A north Arizona family, who seemingly knew nothing about convergence zones or sailing, set sail from the US to get away from our decadent culture and secular government. It is not strange that they failed to reach their destination, spent 90 days at sea, and ran out of victuals, despite having a still-functional boat. It is a bit strange that they were rescued, no worse for the wear. And this is more ironic than strange: “Their flights home were arranged by U.S. Embassy officials.” Well, I don’t mind a little of my tax money going to rescue fools.

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