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Still walking on the dark side

June 9, 2013

Charles Krulak, former commandant of the Marine Corps, and Joseph Hoar, former CiC of U.S. Central Command, have penned a letter to Maine’s senators, asking them to push for the declassification of the Senate’s latest report on torture. The Senate’s previous report, in 2009 (pdf), highlighted the fact that the torture practices under Bush had included stress positions and enforced hypothermia, and infamously, that some prisoners had been tortured to death.

Jane Mayer, one of the indispensable writers on this, describes how the military tribunals were botched. Joe Nocera describes the forced feeding now practiced at Guantanamo, points out that it, too, is illegal torture, and that Obama is fully responsible. The government’s continued walk on the dark side should scandalize Americans far more than the political charades currently filling the channels. The Senate Republicans continue to insist on that walk.

John Kir

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