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Dispatch from the war on knowledge

May 7, 2013

Congressman Jeff Duncan from South Carolina wants the stop the Census Bureau from collecting economic data. That’s one way to get us to stop worrying about that pesky GDP.

Congressman Lamar Smith from Texas wants to add political criteria to how the National Science Foundation determines grants, as well as eliminating any research that replicates other research. Not a great start, after his bi-partisan retreat.

A rider Congress previously put on the CDC hampers epidemiological research into gun deaths and injuries. So it’s interesting to read about Garen Wintemute, one of the few physicians studying that.

Rick Perry’s war on the University of Texas is getting some negative attention from outside the state.

The education from for-profit colleges, unsurprisingly, turns out to be worth less than what the students pay for it. From an economics viewpoint, their real function is to originate student loans.

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