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The vandals and the entitled

May 2, 2013

It often seems to me, to a first approximation, that long-term dollar cost of a house, car, or consumer gizmo goes hand in hand with long-term energy use and long-term environmental footprint, that small and reused typically beats new and green, and that people generally should see a collusion rather than tension between frugality and other conservation desires. Of course, people sometimes will pay more to reduce energy or ecological footprint, for those things themselves. But who would pay more, to purposely waste energy? Some conservatives, it turns out. Or at least, some Americans today who label themselves that.

Ashley Madison, the infidelity dating website, supports Mark Sanford’s return to professional politics. And paid for a billboard in Columbia using that in their advertising. (See photo.) As their CEO Noel Biderman explains:

Once we found out [Mark Sanford] was back in business, that’s the story we want to attach ourselves to. We believe careers shouldn’t be lost because you choose not to sustain monogamy.

Heh. Alas for Sanford, his problems are larger than the companies that choose him as a mascot.

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