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Belief, community, and breasts

April 3, 2013

Wounded Amazon, Franz von Stuck

Michael Shermer has a post on pluralistic ignorance, how closed communities propagate views that many know to be false, but that none dare speak against, partly because they each feel isolated. With a political or religious ideology, some of that often is the notion that those outside the ideology are moved by baser motives, what Ravi Iyer labels Maslow’s basement. The Guardian questions whether Femen’s naked breasts get in the way of its message. But in Tunis, a young woman is put into a psychiatric hospital and threatened with stoning, for posting a picture of her torso overlaid with words reclaiming her body against Islam’s strictures. That makes a very strong point about the oppressive nature of that society. Meanwhile, Bangladesh cracks down on atheist bloggers.

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