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Barbs, some self-inflicted

March 27, 2013

shovelerMatthew Yglesias takes a sharp look at Rob Portman’s change of stance on gay marriage.

Leonard Pitts takes to task Mayor Bloomberg over his ban on super-sized sugary drinks.

CPAC held a minority outreach panel, where participants proudly sported the Confederate flag, defended slavery, and called for segregation. I guess clingers to the Lost Cause count as some kind of minority.

Larry Pratt, Executive Director of the Gun Owners of America, predicts a race war this year: “if you are a white person in this country, and this holds for all quality people of any color, but I’m saying specifically if you are a white, heterosexual, Christian, working, married person .. there is at least a substantial chance that you and/or some member of your family will be hurt and/or killed.” He should head CPAC’s minority outreach efforts.

Celeste Greig, president of the conservative California Republican Assembly, tries to defend the hapless Todd Akin on rape and pregnancy, but only steps in the same mud. Is she the future chair of CPAC’s conservatism and science panel?

Unlike women, female ducks have evolved some biological defense against impregnation by rape. Which results in a sexual arms race: the males have evolved corkscrewed, ballistic penises. Research into this evolutionary tale has become fodder for the culture wars. Carl Zimmer rides to the rescue.

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