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Christian persecution complex?

February 10, 2013

Burning of the Waldensians in Toulouse, 1251

To any American who isn’t Christian, their cries that Christianity is somehow persecuted here are as deluded as their religion’s dominance in our culture is obvious. The Barna Group has done a survey that provides some insight to that: evangelical Christians (97%) think that religious liberty has become more restricted in the US, yet also want (54%) traditional Judeo-Christian values to be given preference. Slacktivist sees that cognitive dissonance as sociopathy in the small. My inclination is to think it’s just the all too human proclivity to take any lessening of privilege as an injustice.

The pic is a 17th c. woodcut of the burning of Waldensians in Toulouse, in 1251. That counts as Christian persecution, whether it is the orthodox Catholics or the Waldensians or both that one counts as Christian.

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