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There are demons in San Angelo?!

June 28, 2011

chupacabra_texasI knew the chupacabra would sometimes get out that way. And Marfa is famous for its mystery lights. Now, Bishop Michael Pfeifer of San Angelo is exorcising demons. He says, “There are diabolical cults in West Texas most people don’t know about, its secretive and underground, but exists.” I’ve been to San Angelo, and can’t imagine that any demon would be much attracted to the town. Maybe south Texas. Well, at least the Catholic Church no longer burns people at the stake. Outside the Islamic world, it’s Christians in Africa who now kill witches. And imprison gays. The religious right in the US would condemn all that. But averred beliefs have consequences.

If demons and witches are real, and allowing gays to marry is a form of tyranny on par with North Korea(!), why shouldn’t those be fought with noose and pyre? It’s long past time to call crazy on those who say such things.

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  1. Joyce Zimmerschied permalink
    June 28, 2011 4:30 am

    Well, having spent five years in San Angelo, I wouldn’t be surprised if a demon or two lurks in those parts. I have some fond memories of the place, but not enough to ever live there again. Of course I didn’t know about the demons then; might have stayed if I had.

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